Simplified Kundalini Yoga

In the Simplified Kundalini Yoga Level 1 workshop, we awaken your kundalini and show you how to meditate on your life force.

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When: December 23rd & 24th, 2017, Saturday & Sunday

9am - 6pm on Day 1 & 8am - 6pm on Day 2

Where: Bangalore (Venue to be confirmed)

Who: Prof. Krish Murali Eswar, Kundalini Yoga & Kaya Kalpa Yoga Master, Dr. Achyuthan Eswar, Co-founder, PHC Lifestyle Clinic & Dr. Vandana, SKY Master

Contact: Dr. Vandana, +91-9535025938 Prof. Krish Murali Eswar,

Donation: Rs. 5000 per participant. Rs.2500 for students. Donation goes to Sri Vethathiri Maharishi's Registered SKY Trust. 

What Do I Get?

Simplified Kundalini Yoga Level 1 workshop initiates you into Ajna, Thuriyam & Shanthi meditations, where you perceive and experience your Life Force itself, along with introspection techniques that are practical, easy and targeted at the biggest problems each of us face in our daily life:

Meditation Practices:

  • Ajna Meditation
  • Thuriyam Meditation
  • Shanthi Meditation
  • Pancha Bhootha Nava Graha (Five Elements, Nine Celestial Bodies) Meditation

Yogic Practices:

  • Simplified Physical Exercise Part - I
  • Deep Relaxation Technique 

Introspection Techniques:

  • Introduction to Introspection
  • Blessings & Relationships
  • Analysis of Thoughts
  • Moralisation of Desires
  • Eradication of Worries
  • Neutralisation of Anger

We also serve yummy Naturopathic Lunch - Whole Foods Plant Based Traditional Indian Feast - and two snacks on both days of the workshop, which have the power to prevent and reverse obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease, enhance well-being and prolong lifespan.

Who is This For?

The Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY) Level 1 workshop is for anybody above 14 years of age, up to 70 years of age

Please note: Initiation cannot be given for those with neurological disorders, recent major surgery or medical condition requiring prolonged hospitalisation in the last six months. Women undergoing their monthly cycles during the workshop dates are requested to attend the next workshop.

Benefits of SKY Yoga Meditation

Simplified Kundalini Yoga Workshop organised by Bangalore Malleswaram SKY Trust and & PHC Lifestyle Clinic, Bangalore